PROGRAMME BG07 „Public Health Initiatives”

Programme Operator:

 Ministry of Health

Total grant amount:

 € 13 415 000

Programme duration:


Programme website:


The Programme proposal aims at maximizing the effect of funding in several focus areas that fits to a maximum extent to the national priorities in the health care sector arising from the international, EU and national treaties and legislation in force in Bulgaria. In particular the Programme proposal aims to Contributing towards the outcomes defined in the healthcare objective:

  • - Improved governance in health care;
  • - Improved access to and quality of health services including reproductive and preventive child health care;
  • - Improved mental health services;
  • - Specific health challenges for the Roma.

Capacity buildings one of the defined priorities of bilateral cooperation, and the funding allocated for it will be essential for knowledge transfer to the PO and other involved stakeholders who, in turn, will support the effective programme implementation. In this regard, the proposed steering committee will function as a body with wide networking functions and support bilateral relations in order to address the challenges and needs for improving the healthcare system in Bulgaria.

Bilateral relations will receive strong support through joint development of the Programme proposal with the Programme Partner – The World Health Organization (WHO) and encouragement for development of projects with partners from donor states.

The main target groups are institutions competent with defining and implementing policies in the health sector. Additional target groups involve stakeholders in the programme area, including NGOs and the general public.