By signing a contract for grant No BG 07-PDPC03 of 25.11.2014 between the Ministry of Health as a Programme Operator and the National Centre for Public Health and Analyses the implementation of predefined project “Improved mental health services“ has started.

The main objectives of the project are improving public health and reducing health inequalities, together with development of policies on mental health based on evidence.

The specific objectives of the project are:

Increasing knowledge of GPs, psychologists and social workers for early detection and treatment of common mental disorders;

Research on common mental disorders.

The project activities aim at:

Ensuring of updated and sustainable information in the field of mental health;

Increasing knowledge of GPs to recognize, treat and deal with patients with depression and suicidal ideation.

Strengthening capacity for training of 56 representatives of the regional health inspectorates on mental disorders with suicidal character and prevention among adolescents;

Acquisition of scientific knowledge on the prevalence, morbidity and mortality in cases of mental disorders and implementation of mental health services;

Increasing public awareness of mental health problems.

Target groups and final beneficiaries of the project:

  • GPs;
  • 28 regional health inspectorates;
  • School teachers and psychologists;
  • Persons with mental disorders, families, groups and others.

The project’s total value is: BGN 1,955,830.00 (€ 1,000,000.00) and its term of execution is 30 April 2017